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Space Availability - Group Study Rooms

This Category is for Group Study Rooms Reservation

Suna Kıraç Library has 15 study rooms. Only current Koç University students with a valid KU email address may reserve rooms for study.

  • Rooms are reserved in 1-hour time slots. Persons are limited 2 time slots per day total. They do not have to be consecutive hours.
  • Use the calendar below at the left to select the day you wish to reserve a room and the grid below select the room, time and duration of your reservation.
  • The person who placed the booking must present their University ID card at the Reserve Desk for check-out the room key
  • Fines for not returning room keys on time are 10.00 TL per hour or any part of an hour. The individual who checked out the key is responsible for ensuring that it is returned on time.

Group Study Rooms Usage Terms & Conditions:

  • The room will be held for 15 minutes after the time the room has been reserved. 
  • If the key is not checked out within 15 minutes of its reserve time, then others will be allowed to utilize the room for the remaining hours. 
  • The key may only be checked out to the person who books the room.
  • Anyone who booked a room is expected to clean up after themselves and leave the room ready for the next group.
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