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Cambridge University Press: The Academic Publishing Process

Session 1:

Cambridge Core Platform Demo for end users

Caroline Kerbyson. Training Manager, Cambridge University Press.


Demonstration of Cambridge Core. Participants will be shown, through the vehicle of Core, how to search and browse for online academic content. They will also be shown some of the features of a modern publisher platform such as Altmetrics, ORCID author links and creating an account to take advantage of personalisation features.


Session 2:

Cambridge Core Product Presentation

Elizabeth Mantis. Senior sales Executive middle East.


Presentation on electronic products available from Cambridge University Press.


Session 3:

The Academic Publishing Process

Caroline Kerbyson. Training Manager, Cambridge University Press. 


Presentation on the academic publishing process and how to improve your chances of getting published in an academic journal. The presentation covers all aspects of the life of an article from study design through to preparing the paper for submission. During the session participants will learn how to choose an appropriate journal for their work and what happens once their paper has been submitted.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Library Seminar Room, 2nd Floor
Koç University, Rumeli Feneri Campus, SARIYER
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